Volunteer Program

As an experienced veterinarian in the wildlife hub of South Africa – the Limpopo Province – Dr Marius Louw offers you the opportunity to join in the daily activities and gain a wealth of experience in the field and clinic environment. Volunteers will work with Dr Louw with a range of wildlife species in their natural habitat.

This includes:

  • The opportunity to gain veterinary work experience.
  • The prospect of assisting with a variety of wildlife veterinary cases.
  • Learning about drugs and treatment methods used by veterinarians in South Africa.
  • Hands on treating and handling of a large range of wildlife species.
  • Helicopter work and working with a dart gun.
  • Game capturing and relocation.
  • Tagging.
  • Taking of blood samples.
  • Fertility testing.
  • Disease control and prevention.
  • The management of wild animals on boma during wildlife auctions.

Daily tasks are likely to include:

  • Participation in medical treatment of sick or injured wildlife.
  • Being educated about disease identification and control. Buffalo, in particular are very susceptible to diseases like bovine TB. You will more than likely help with taking blood samples from buffalo for the purpose of disease identification and treatment.
  • Darting and/or capturing of animals for the purpose of taking blood samples for genetic analysis as well as DNA profiling and mitochondrial/nuclear analyses.
  • Monitoring the effect of the anaesthesia on vital signs.
  • Assisting in the preparation and administration of schedule drugs.
  • Learning about veterinary drugs, its applications and uses.
  • Assisting in the daily activities of the domestic clinic where you may work within a clinical environment, treating domestic animals and working with livestock on surrounding farms during times when there are no wildlife cases to work on.

Wildlife Veterinary Experience

Your volunteer experience will include some theoretical lectures, and a lot of field work. As far as wildlife veterinary work is concerned, however, the exact cases and species you’ll get to work with depend on many external factors such as call outs and emergency situations.

Accuvet’s customer base include:

  • Private game farm owners ranging from small game to the BIG 5.
  • Game breeders.
  • Wildlife auction houses.


2 weeks– 1500 Pounds
3 weeks– 2150 Pounds
4 weeks– 2760 Pounds

The fees above will include all your accommodation as well as meals, transfers to and from the airport as well as a weekend in a Big 5 Reserve. You will be responsible for booking your own flights once your booking with ACCUVET is confirmed.